Enter the Short Film Competition

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The winning short film will be promoted to our Hollywood contacts who will consider your work for representation or adaptation deals.

* OPTIONAL: If your film is available for public viewing, we'll also add it to our curated Showcase and promote it on our high traffic web presence and social media profiles to give you an additional boost of exposure to audiences and other industry professionals worldwide.

Additionally, each film entered into a genre-specific category will be eligible for a Hollywood Just4Shorts official award, honoring outstanding and original storytelling within the project's genre.

* If your film was entered into other film festivals or competitions with rules that prevent you from having it be viewable to the public prior to their premiere date, we'll be glad to accommodate you. After you win, we'll check with you before adding your work to our public sites to avoid any such problems.


Extended Deadline September 28 $55

By entering your short film, you hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions of the Short Film Competition Rules.