Short Screenplay Competition

Short scripts are an excellent way to demonstrate your mastery of the craft and an opportunity to collaborate with other new filmmakers to bring your vision to life.

Enter the short script contest for a chance to win a cash prize and be considered for representation.

Why Short Screenplays

First short film ever made The short film traces its roots to the very beginning of movie history, long before the concept of a feature films existed. In the silent era, many production companies focused entirely on shorts. Today, almost a century later, short films continue to strive as a new filmmaker's calling card in Hollywood.

For some, the short film is a proof of concept for a big budget feature film. The original PIXELS short film by Patrick Jean, for example, was purchased by Sony's Columbia Pictures and adapted into a comedy starring Adam Sandler.

MAZE RUNNER directed by RUIN's Wes Ball For others, a short film may also demonstrate its filmmaker's talent. After 20th Century Fox bought the rights to RUIN, a high-octane action packed short featuring a post-apocalyptic chase battle, its director Wes Ball was hired to helm Fox's MAZE RUNNER.

In either case, short films serve as a quick, efficient medium to demonstrate a filmmaker's talent.

And it all begins with a great script.

Wrote the next great short screenplay?

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