Screenplay Contest FAQ

Frequently asked questions about entering the Just 4 Shorts script competition.

Do you accept scripts on paper by mail?

No. We aim to stay GREEN and avoid the waste of traditional physical submissions. Please submit your script digitally in PDF format. (Most popular screenwriting software comes with an export feature that allows you to export to PDF. If you have any problems, please consult the customer support of your software.)

I already submitted my short screenplay to other competitions. Can I still submit it to Just 4 Shorts?


Can I enter more than one short screenplay?

Yes. There is no limit to how many different scripts you enter. However, you may not enter the same script more than once.

Can I enter a script that's longer than 60 pages?

No. We only accept scripts for short films and the industry generally considers scripts to run approximately one minute per page. We only accept scripts that are 60 pages or less.

What's the minimum length of a script?

There's no minimum. However, it's generally challenging to tell a strong story in a single page. If you can do it, then no one will stop you. In general, most of the highly regarded short films are between 5 to 15 minutes in length, and since it's generally accepted in the industry that one script page is equal to one minute of screen time, you can aim for at least 5 to 15 pages unless your particular story calls for a decision otherwise.

However, rest assured, as long as your film is 60 pages or less, it will qualify and will only be judged on its own merits as a short film script, not based on its length.

Do you accept scripts in languages other than English?

We presently only accept scripts written in English.

I'm a working industry professional. How do I gain access to the winning screenplays?

Please contact our staff with your full name, your company name, your position and past experience, and any additional information that may help us verify your identity and position quickly. We will get in touch with you to obtain any further information if needed.

Any other questions:

If there's any issue not covered in this FAQ, feel free to contact support and we'll do our best to serve you.